Services offered by a Shaman, Beth, in San Antonio, TX.
A reiki session that incorporates shamanic healing techniques.



Reiki is energy work that channels universal energy into the body to aid in clearing blocked or stuck energy in order to allow for loving, healing energy to replace it. During a session, I implement several energy medicine tools and my connection to spirit that result in deeper work, but not intense of a session. Clients usually leave feeling relaxed and lighter. Reiki is great for reducing stress, insomnia, anxiety, etc. I recommend this service for anyone on the fence about having a full Illumination Session. It's like dipping your toe in the water!


$30 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes



Reset your chakra system.

Chakra Balancing


Chakra balancing is like a massage for your chakras! During this 30 minute session, a combination of crystals and reiki are used to bring your chakra system back into balance, leaving you feeling light and magnificent!


$45 for 30 minutes



Energy work on a deep level that removes imprints in within the energetic field/ luminous body

Imprint Illumination


This is a full session that can last from 60-90 minutes. Techniques used during each session vary and no two are the same! These sessions go very deep and require you to face your fears, past, ego, or whatever obstacle  is getting in the way in order to allow for the deepest healing to take place. Sometimes it is like peeling an onion and we have to work an issue layer by layer, but my goal is to get you to a healed state that requires no maintenance! For more information, go to the About page and scroll to What to Expect. If you still have questions, feel free to email me! We can always set up a consultation or perhaps a Reiki session to introduce you to this beautiful healing. Long distance is available via phone.


$80 for 60-90 minutes. Each session varies.





Despachos are a sacred Q'ero ceremony during which an elaborate prayer bundle is created out of several materials such as candy, toy money, glitter, rice, seeds, beans, shells, etc which is then burned as an offering to Pachamama, mother Earth. This ceremony is used for manifesting or releasing your prayers to Spirit. Do note that Spirit only grants our requests when we are in Ayni, or right relationship, with what we are asking for. You will receive when it is time, whether it is within a week or a year of the despacho! I will provide all materials needed to create the despacho and will guide the ceremony in which you and anyone you would like will participate in. (A picture of a despacho before burning it is on the About page! You'll see how beautiful it is!)





A tool to manifest or clear energy blocks.

Personalized Ceremony


Ceremonies are amazing tools to manifest or clear stuck energy. They're my favorite thing to do and there are SO many ways you can do one.  Each ceremony is tailored to your specific request/issue. We will start with an initial consultation to address the issue at hand. I will then seek guidance and create a ceremony completely tailored and crafted for you, delivered as a beautiful printable PDF document. These are also great for those who aren't able to travel to me and don't want a long distance session via phone. Please note your ceremony may require purchasing some supplies to complete (ex: flowers, seeds, fire wood, etc.).