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Beth Devillier is a Shaman in San Antonio, TX

I entered the realm of Energy Medicine by way of crystals, which was my first introduction to the world of healing. I had just moved to Texas (born and raised in Louisiana) to pursue my MFA in Photography at UTSA and was working a side job at which my boss introduced me to the healing properties of crystals to aid in reducing the stress that grad school brought. I was immediately obsessed and began studying and collecting them. I was simply fascinated by the results! This led me to working at a local healing center at which I trained and received certification in all 3 Reiki levels. While I loved using reiki and crystals in combination to aid friends and family in healing, they were consistently coming back weeks later for the same issues. Synchronicity (thanks, universe!) led me coming across an ad while in Austin for a weekend-it was for Austin Shamanic Center! Everything in my body told me I had to check it out, and 2 years later, and soooooo much intense personal work and training with my dear teacher Christina Allen, I have added these amazing energetic tools to my practice and come full circle. :0) I can say on a personal level, this work has changed my life in so many ways. I've also seen people overcome some of life's hardest obstacles through doing this deep energy work.

So what does my energy medicine practice entail? I use a combination of ancient energy medicine techniques that have been brought into the 21st century. My training is centered mostly around the Q'ero Indians of Peru. This energy medicine works at the level of your energy body to remove imprints. These are balls of stuck energy in your field that can form during trauma, relationships, etc, and when triggered can send you into an emotional frenzy. Ever feel like you lost control of your reactions? Probably an imprint. Have an irrational fear or anxiety? Probably an imprint. These imprints, when in our energy body long enough, can manifest to mental and physical symptoms. This is where I come in! I am here to facilitate the healing of those imprints by connecting with spirit and guiding you through the healing, bringing you from a place of woundedness to a place of empowerment. It's a beautiful process, but it does require you to own and face anything hiding in shadow!


Different techniques are utilized throughout the session, and no two sessions are the same! Examples of things that can be done during a session are soul retrievals, crystallized extractions, liquid extractions, etc.


The Q'ero Indians of Peru were called to aid our culture in healing by Spirit. Below is a quote given to my teacher during her training:


“We have shared the totality of power and love. We brought our heads together and aligned our minds with the wisdom of the ancients. In this process our hearts were also united. We worked with our three worlds – aligned them; bringing into alignment all three worlds, so we are not at odds with each other. Grow your seeds, the seeds of the time to come. Remember to celebrate the joy of being alive. With your new minds and new eyes look at the spirit of the winds – travel with the wind, so you know which way to go. We have work to do, let there be abundance – great harvest. Be productive and fertile. Make an abundant village to share with neighbors – grow corn.” -Dona Bernadina

A despacho is a prayer bundle created in ceremony.

A despacho is a prayer bundle created in sacred ceremony used to manifest.

Every session is different, but have similar constructs. Each session will start with a chat about what you would like to work on. Here we try to find the root issue, which is usually something you haven't connected with your problem! This is where I use my connection with Spirit and the healing lineages to track where it started, whether in this lifetime or another, and exactly what the imprint is. We then go into the session where you will lay on a super comfortable massage table in a lovely sacred space where I will use several different techniques. For the duration of the session, you will use your breathe to get out of your left brain to allow for the healing to take place. As I pick up on things, we will talk, but only minimally and to help you move it through and release any stuck energy. Depending on what Spirit presents, I will use different techniques to help you release. Once the imprint is cleared, we will sit back down and talk about how you're feeling, your experience, and often times homework. Homework is important because it helps you anchor in your new energetic map we created by releasing the imprint. It is often mantras to repeat, activities, or small ceremonies you will do at home. Most sessions usually take about 2 weeks to fully shift in your energy body, but I've personally had sessions that were pretty large issues and took 2 months to fully integrate. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me!